Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Sanju Baba Is Contesting From UP?

Why Sanju Baba Is Contesting From UP? . Reason is simple our dear sanju baba believes in applying for the company which values his credentials. In contesting election , his qualifiactions are perfectly acceptable in UP ,he though has one draw back which we would talk later.

First let us talk about credentials. For contesting in election in up through sp,bsp or any other party you must have married more than once. He excels in that front by marrying thrice. Another important criteria is you must possess weapon. He not only possess license revolver but also AK47. Third important qualification is that he must have been to jail. Fouth qualification is he must have been involved directly or indirectly with liqour or drugs.

So you see sanju baba perfectly fits into the criteria and is perfect for sp.

His only draw back is that only one case is registered against him!!!!!...This is considered Inexperience and so congress was in dilemma to give him ticket.

Never Mind sanju has promised that his Inexperience of cases wont let sp down!!!!!!


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