Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Steps to win hearts of pakistanis- Delegation To Holbrooke

Justify FullMeanwhile, an important meeting was held between PML-Q President Ch.Shujaat Hussain, former Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi and US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke.
Talking to media at the residence of Brian D Hunt, both the leaders led by six member delegation called upon Holbrooke to play his role in new US policy taking all democratic forces into confidence.
They demanded for stopping drone attacks forthwith.
‘Pakistan should not be treated as time pass rather US should try to win the hearts of people’, they maintained.

Now insiders have said that six member delegation has proposed the following to win heart of pakistanis

1) Let Pakistan be Pakistan

No ho ha about taliban , no criticism about killing , no talk about law & order thing.. Let Pakistan be Pakistan.

2) No Drone Attack

If usa feels al queda is using north frontier as safe haven , then also USA should let north frontier be what it wants to be...No drone attacks please...

Infact Pakistan has come up with new plans of what they call terrorism tourism.. They want North Frontier Province to become so famous that terrorist from all the countries would want to settle out there

3) Give more aid and forget accountability

Give money and forget to get honey in return.. Just give money and leave it up to pakistan on how to use...

4) Blame India

Blame India for all problems that pakistan and afghanistan has.. Its easiest way to win hearts of pakistani people..

These are few steps which USA needs to take to win hearts of people of pakistan..Agar munjur to welcome varna yeh pakistan hai boss...Tum badal jaayoge but woh nahi badalega...


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