Thursday, February 12, 2009

shri ram sena too is concerned about its brand image

"We have information that there is a conspiracy by certain groups to create violence on that day so that our organization will get a bad name,"

Well above is statement coming from shri ram sena.. Best part is organization will get bad name...I know how you feel , you feel surprised..Bad name??...Bhai when did shri ram sena had good name??..Yes i agree your point is logical...But whats far more surprising is that shri ram sena too is concerned about its brand image!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But they got it wrong this time...Shir Ram Sena's unique selling point is beating of girls now if they dont do that , then their name gets spoiled...Its like mns doing peaceful rally..wont you get shock of your life if you see such thing...

Its like expecting sunny deol movie with fight scenes...But Mr Shir Ram Sena you have disappointed your fans...What would happen to our indian culture then??...After all you taught us that our culture is not about respecting women but beating them. You taught us that showing false man hood by taking mob and beating un armed people is Indian culture , you taught us that valentines day celebration is sin but doing same things (which you claim ) in navratri or holi is perfect...

We didnt expect you to be what you are not..Come on shri ram sena , you are known for being trouble maker and its hard earned image , please dont spoil it guys...


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