Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good News For Unmarried Couples...

Its very good news for all unmarried couples , our dear own culture protector ,shri ram sena has decided to get married couples who date on valentine. Their funda is simple none can date without marriage . But their gesture is limited on for Bangalore.

So if you and your boy friend/girl friend want to marry but couldn't do so because recession did hit you or because your family is against the marriage please book your tickets to Bangalore.

For all the parents who dont have money to give dowry (which is legally banned and condemned by every one but practically still prevailing and accepted by almost every one) , please ask your daughter to go for a date with her prospective husband on 14th.

But do remember offer exclusively for bangalorites. To soch kya raahe ho , hurry up , book your tickets right now . If you are already in bangalore please get the information about areas which ram sena would be active that day. Then you need to do only one thing , go to restaurant and order masala waali chai. Khana to ram sena karva hi dega.Now if they are sponsering marriage , they would sponser party too na...

Make this valentine day special by shri ram sena sponsered marriage.


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