Thursday, February 5, 2009

South Korea ,License and 771 times test

One could say she has the determination ... but lacks the drive.

A 68-year-old South Korean woman this week signed up to take her driving test once again -- after failing to earn a license the first 771 times.

The article is from cnn. Imagine a women failing 771 times in driving test!!!!!!!!!

She should come to India . She wont be required to give written test and if she is in up she wont be required to be physically present to get license!!!!...

She invested around $2800 to get license ...kya yaar , waste of money...if she would have invested just $50 in India she would have got license...

Even your citizenship would have been arranged.. As far as south korea goes learn some manners guys...arent you ashamed of taking test 771 times.. Its ok ...If she doesnt know how to drive , she would risk her life and few other lives...but that doesnt mean you dont give her license

Anyways Cha please come down to India , we would not allow you to go through pains of written test and all..Just few bucks and license ready!!!!


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