Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pakistan is doing well

Pakistan is doing well. You don't have any evidence to prove that the terrorists are from Pakistan. Mere Media campaign does not prove anything. If you don't want to play cricket. Please don't. We are not interested either.

Nahi bhai these are not my views. These are views of normal Pakistani citizens.So pakistani is doing well , so what if it has become terrorist heaven its still doing well. So what it needed IMF loan of just $7 billion to remain floating , its doing well. Somebody joked that day ke $7 billion to raju se maang lete. Anyways Pakistan is doing well. Girls school have got shut , swat valley is not in control ,all international leaders from britian , france ,russia , germany , usa to latest un chief are asking pakistan to act against terrorists but still pakistan is doing well. I applaud pakistan's citizens optimism.
Pakistan doing well is as optimistic statement as kamal nath's statement of India growing at more than 7%. Later kamal nath said to his friend that well he was talking about population and our hasty media misunderstood it with economy.

Coming to the point pakistan is doing well. They have so called intellectual by name of zaikd hamid who thinks pakitan is super power and world is against it because of its success. No no this is not a joke . He really thinks so.. and guess what? , he has major fan following out there.

Pakistan in permanent state of denial to the world to samaj aata hai lekin Pakistan in permanent state of denial with itself????

I hope Pakistan raises it standard of what they call well or else their entire nation would go into a very deep well called taliban.


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