Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indian Politicians And Police Force

The Bombay high court judgment striking down senior Indian Police Service officer Anami N Roy's appointment as Maharashtra's Director General of Police is a direct indictment of politicians's manipulation of the police force, a senior Maharashtra police officer said on Thursday.

The officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, alleged that Roy had become uncomfortably close to senior Nationalist Congress Party politicians in recent years. Senior NCP leaders, he alleged, directed then state Home Minister R R Patil to make Roy the DGP, disregarding three senior officers.

News published on Now this is not fair at all. After all our politicians work so hard , aren't they entitled to use their power??...After all police force is their puppet.. They have every right to select their men...They work so hard all their live to become minister , now how does high court expect them to settle their personal scores????. How would politicians frame their opponents?..How would politicians get away from their own cases. Its important that they have their men in top most positions in police force. Infact they should be given right to do so without accountability or our great parliament should pass a law of dissmissing all pending cases once some one becomes MLA or MP.

Fir dhandha bhi to hai.who would do all illegal buisnesses for them?..high court should have shown more maturity in this case.


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