Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ram Mandir And BJP

'Suraj ki garmi se tapte hue tann ko mil jaaye bargat ki chaya
aisa hi sukh mere mann ko mila hai , mein jab se sharan teri aaya mere Ram'

This is famous bhajan and very soothing song . One of my favorite bhajan but guess what i didnt knew it is favorite bhajan of advani for election 2009 too...

Advani is back with same issue. Shri Ram Mandir vahin ban ke rahega. I guess if advani would have concentrated on Ram Raaj first , it would have been better. Shri Ram name is hijacked by bunch of goons this days and they are doing all sort of things which Shri Ram would have not only rejected but would have totally nailed these bunch of goons.

Ram has been our ideal. Ultimate character who is known as maryada purshottam and lord who denounce everything for sake of his duties. He denounce his post of king , he fought with most powerful king of that time , won the battle but didnt make lanka his property and went back. So Ram can also be termed as king of denouncement and advani is using this same Lord Ram's name for getting kurshi which Ram denounced...Right to rule...

Shri Ram is known as ideal ruler under whose rule people lived happiest. Ideal of governance is said to be Ram Raaj. If our politicians work for Ram Raaj we dont need to worry about Ram Mandir.. But problem with our great politicians is they want easy way out by dividing people. 'Hum mandir banake rahenge ' says BJP , 'Ram to the hi nahi' says centrals affidavit!!!!

In midst of all these divisive policy I pray to god for our great country.


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