Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kalyan Singh ,BJP and Muslims

"Muslims are against the BJP and not me and now that my target is also to bury the saffron party they (Muslims) have welcomed my resignation with open arms," Kalyan Singh said.

So kalyan singh wants to bury BJP. No no he is not doing this because his ideology has changed. His ideology is same as that of mulyam , mayawati ,sonia or advani. That is getting power by any and every means.

Andar ki baat yeh hai ke kalyan was feeling side lined and saw no future of his as well as his son. So he thought of quitting bjp and attacking bjp so that he gets vote of muslims of up. But what kalyan singh forgot is that he is using formula which has been used n number of times. Congress used it , mulayam used it. Behnji also used dalit ki beti funda to whoo voters , BJP used hindutva card , congress used minority card.

So bhaiya kalyan yeh funde puraane ho gaaye hain aur itni baar used hue hai ke now people have got bored. Indian muslims are not fool to fall prey to what you are saying.

Our politicians are lazy lot. Since independence they are using borrowed formula from brits of divide and rule. Yes they did add few more aspects of dividing but funda is same.

They should try something new now . Anyways all the best Mr kalyan , i hope your trying to use old formula does your kalyan.


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