Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pak Buys Taliban's Franchise For $6 million

No no taliban is not into IPL and playing even gili danda is against Islam according to taliban so forget cricket. If it would have been upto taliban , yonuis khan and co would have been behind bars for violating their norms of religion. But here its different deal all together.

Taliban militants announced an indefinite ceasefire in the Swat valley in the northwest of the country on Tuesday, a day after the army said it was ceasing operations in the region.

Lekin andar ki baat yeh hai ke Pakistan authorities have bought peace for $6 million . Deal is done and peace would prevail till taliban runs out of the cash!!!!!!

I know how you feel...You feel shocked that a government with full fledged army paying ransom to group of thugs for maintaining peace???...But in Pakistan anything and everything can happen.

Lets hope that taliban is fine with $6 million for life time and finally peace prevails in swat.


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