Friday, February 27, 2009

Pakistan and grand saga of 26/11

PAKISTAN -sirf naam hi kaafi hai.. Pakistan is country which has good , innocent citizens living in.
But it has terrible governments ruling since 61 years...From denial to admitting to denial pakistan does it again.

First it went all out that pakistan has nothing to do with 26/11 , then duraani said kasab is Pakistani. outcome duraani was sacked!!!!!!!!...

Then came meetings followed by more meetings and finally malik came in front of media..He made historic press conference which was appaluded by many in India...

Then came special public prosecutor who said to media that pakistan has demanded custody of kasab. It again create uproar in India and later qureshi , their foreign secretary denied any such moves.

Later zardari sacked the special public prosecutor and made him not so special.

Now today their navy chief went on record to state kasab didnt come from sea route..

Well what next??....Wait for some one from government to deny it....


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