Monday, March 2, 2009

The Making Of Third Front

Deve Gowda is back and he is doing what he is best in doing. Jugaad. Now for those who don't know who's deve gowda , I would like to remind you that deve gowda was once upon a time prime minister of India. He is better known for his awesome ability to sleep on important forums!!!!...
This sleeping king was product of uncertainity and vaccum created because of decline of congress in 1990s.
Deve Gowda is power seeker and oppurtunist and now he has again formed third front which will be amalgamation of eight parties including CPI, CPM, RSP, AIADMK and JD(S)..

Now CPI ,CPM and RSP are left parties. While left was part of upa ,it has fallen apart from them. Reason??..Nuclear Deal with anything with usa has to be opposed according to LEFT. USA cannot do anything good is their belief. So what if USA is said to be land of opportunities??..If its USA its always wrong...

AIADMK has jaylalita as their leader. The same jaylalita who has hobby of having sarees unlimited..

Now left is non corrupted , so what is left doing with Deve Gowda and AIADMK???..Well its an alliance to stop usa friendly usa and communal BJP from getting power!!!!!!

Let us see where does this third front heads to??...Problem with third front has always been about power??..Who would take pm seat??...Who would become prime minister??..

The Grand Saga of Election 2009 has begun, now let us see what all unfolds???


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