Friday, February 13, 2009

Shame On BJP For arresting muthalik...

shame shame shame...Pramod Muthalik the great custodian of our great great culture has been arrested before valentine day...This is not done...What would happen to all those couple who planned to get sponsored by shri ram sena for marriage..

Does kartanak government realise how many hearts they have broken.. What would couples who cant afford to get married do? Where would they go??..What would happen to couples whose parents are against their love??..Only pramod mutalik was their saviour..BJP spoiled the party for such couples..This is wrong...

There are reports that group of such couples is planning to make online petition seeking immediate release of pramod muthalik..

Also what would happen to pink chaddis..All cadres of shri ram sena were excited for pink chaddi..our police should have booked and arrested that facebook group instead of our great visionary custodian pramodji...

sad day for many couples..


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