Friday, February 13, 2009

Lalu Extends Non Existing Train's Route

In his interim Railway Budget for 2009-10, Lalu announced the extension of 2187/2188 Jabalpur-Mumbai-Jabalpur biweekly Garib Rath Express to Allahabad. The trouble, however, is that the Jabalpur-Mumbai-Jabalpur Garib Rath does not exist!

Although it was announced in last year's rail budget, it was never flagged off. Even before the train has started running, the railway minister announced its extension up to Allahabad.

Now thats perfectly ok...Lalu is lalu..Its his vision to extend the non existent route...If train doesnt exist , some day it would and when it does then extension would be applied...Our media should think twice before reporting such news...Isnt it??

Lalu also did something which may make you think...Bullet train for delhi-patna route...what??...yes you heard it we all know many in that zone hardly pay for tickets..ticket lena woh unki shaan ke khilaaf bullet train project ka paisa kaun dega??...aare why do you worry for that...dont you understand its election time and lalu has done wonders for railways and now he is entitled to do wonders to his life , isnt it??


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