Monday, March 9, 2009

Jayalalithaa on fast , naveen on naveen relation

AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa on Monday commenced a day-long fast in Chennai to press the centre to use its good offices with Sri Lanka to declare an immediate ceasefire in the island nation.

Now if you wonder why jayalalithaa took so much time to go on fast , answer is simple. She was busy wooing congress for pre poll alliance and so could not notice lanka episode with keen eyes.But once she became clear that congress is not interested she had time to view lanka scenario and her antar ki aatma told her to keep fast and no she is not doing fast on advice of her doctor of reducing weight , she is doing fast on advise of her loyal party workers who think by doing fast she would be able to reduce wait by gain votes..

In biggest buisness of ethics that is politics this happens time and again. Like naveen patnaik's antar ki aatma told him to snatch ties with right wing bjp and go for left wing communist party and so he did that. The political marriage between naveen and bjp lasted for 11 years before divorce was annouced two days ago.

Khel to abhi shuru hua hai dekh zara tu aage..Its election time and jodna-ghatna would continue till late may ,when new government would come into existence.


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