Thursday, March 12, 2009

Third Front : variety is spice of life

Well third front is reality. At least till results come. A group of 9 regional parties. Yes maya , jaya , left , deve gowda and others have combined to form third front as an option of communal bjp and usa friendly ,soft on terror congress. This are not my words though.

So if you are tired of ram mandir , pota slogan of bjp or you are tired of secular , aam aadmi slogan of congress vote for third front. why?..Because you would have 9 different types of slogans to choose from. variety is spice of life.

But wait a minute isnt this bunch of regional parties who have been shifting their loyalities between nda and upa?..Yes ...but we need to see positives . They supported nda or upa only when nda or upa was in power. Their intention was to be part of government so that they have power to serve the country . But they were betrayed by upa and nda and so they formed their own front that is third front.

Insiders believe we would have 6 month rotation policy for pms for five years if third front comes to power. All 9 parties would have prime minister from its party for six months. Again variety as i said. Arent we bored of seeing same manmohan singh since 5 years. We did see same altal bihari , same narseema rao for 5 long years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So 9 slogan and best of all...variety is spice of life...


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