Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Raw Behind Sril Lankan Attack : Gul

The Prime Minister termed it a terrorist attack and said the objective was to bring a bad name to Pakistan.
Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman has strongly condemned the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team and said it is an attempt to spoil the reputation of Pakistan.
Former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Gen(R) Hameed Gul said India is trying to weaken Pakistan.
Commenting on the attack on Sri Lankan team, Gul told Geo News that India wants to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and firing on Sri Lankan team is related to the that conspiracy.

So all who's who in Pakistan's administration , politics are thinking that its India's job to taint Pakistan's image...What??...Yes you have read it right..Pakistan's image...Now i know how you feel...you feel with Taliban , al queda , JEMs , LETs , Dawood living in Pakistan , its terror attack is perfectly living up to their image...But thats not what these big shots of Pakistan think...

They think its India's move to get pakistan declared as terrorist state. Now their intelligence bombs India's embassy in kabul , their intelligence is behind terror attacks in India , their intelligence is claimed to be behind bangladesh's mutiny...Their army is claimed by USA to be double crossing in war on terror , their nuclear scientist sells technology to libya and other countries and still they require India to de fame them???

RAW is blamed for Baluchistan unrest , for chaos in swat and now for this attack...Please dont laugh , its not that just gul is saying that ...Every person in pakistan believes that and no matter how illogical its sounds to you and me , Pakistan believes RAW is working over time to taint Pakistan's image.

Now Pakistan has image of being trouble maker , so to taint it RAW needs to show that Pakistan is reponsible country with educated people residing their. RAW doesnt need to show world about terrorist attack , that would be as per what image Pakistan has right now. Lekin yeh gul ko kaun samjhaaye??..


Mudit March 3, 2009 at 8:44 PM  

Pakis are funny people with strange thinking capacity.

It's high time they start thinking about their own country. I dunno why they are bent on fighting for Kashmir when their very own existing official land Baluchistan and Swat has been lost to the Taliban. It's time they stop thinking about India and grabbing its land and start defending their own existing territories or soon we can see another (or even more than 1) Bangladesh emerging out of their rotten piece of shit.

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