Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Reasons why Pakistanis Think RAW did it

Average Pakistanis believe that yesterday attack on sri lanka was done by RAW. Now for all those people who dont know what is RAW , here is answer. RAW is intelligence agency of India. Now average pakistanis believe that RAW did this to take revenge of 26/11 and get even with ISI...

Now one can take revenge only as reaction of action and so that implies that ISI did 26/11 according to average Pakistanis...right??...

But its highly im probable that RAW did it...We know our intelligence agencies fails to stop attacks happening in India but it is not so dump to attack sri lankan team...RAW is not terrorist organization like ISI...

But if we believe what average Pakistanis think then RAW did it and the probable reasons stated are itself hilarious

Reason # 1 : To taint image of Pakistan in International community..

Now immediate reaction of any International observor would be which image??...Then when diplomatic sense would prevail , he/she would have another question in one's mind...Do you require RAW to spoil your image when you have nato , president of usa , prime minister of britain stating Pakistan has save havens for terrorist.

Do you need raw when your brand ambassador taliban is doing its job perfectly??. Do you need raw when your nuclear scientist sells nuclear technologies to dangerous country?

Reason # 2 : India didnt wanted cricket to be played in Pakistan...

Ohh...This is a gem..India country with 1 billion people who has its own set of problems would bother for a cricket series in neighbouring country??

Well but one cant talk logic with Pakistani people...


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