Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interview Of Erotic Blogger

Blogging is world in itself. There are blogs on all topics . Blogs on technology , politics , personal , photos , astrology , astronomy. You name the subject and there would be blogger writing on that subject.

But there are many bloggers who don't write but copy. They copy erotic , nude , semi nude images of celebrities and post it in their blogs. Then they promote that blog in book marking site and is se unki daal roti chalti hai.

In my acquaintance circle i know one such blogger. Daily one may find image of celebrities in that which are erotice , nude or semi nude. His titles are also like -'xyz reveals her asset ' . 'abc without b*a'.

Shocking , unseen , revealing , nacked (thats how he spells ) etc are his key words.

Once i had discussing regarding this with him :

Me : yaar tu yeh sab post kar ta hai to...i mean are almost selling porn

Raj (dummy name to protect his identity ) : Well kya karun log yehi dekhna pasand karte hain

Me : hmm

Raj : Pehle mein genuine cheeze likhta tha lekin visit kam aati thi. Jis din se yeh sab post karne laga houn roj 10,000 se jaida log hit karte hain

Me : oh ho..

Raj : aur apne ko kya karna hai..log ko dekhna hai dekhe..time unka ..image kisi aur ki , apni rokdi ho jaati hai..

Me : lekin photos un seen to nahi hi hote hain na..i mean you yourself dont do unseen likna to jhoot hua na..

Raj : bhai mein photo lene jayunga to koi khada bhi nahi rakhega..aur unseen , shocking yeh sab buzz word hai , jaise kisi zamaane mein hot hua karta tha..

Me : but its lie..isn't it

Raj : what are you talking dude?..lie, shie doesn't matter...truth doesnot pay bills..does it..

Me : hmmm

He was right. Jo bigta hai woh dikhaya jaata hai..aur yeh cheez second basic instict se judi hui hai , to bikegi hi.

P.S : If any bloggers copies this post , atleast i expect to keep name of farjinews in his/her blog.


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