Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sonia Gandhi Might Be Saying Jaanta Hai Teri Maa Kaun Haii

Well two months back pepsi had started two ads with theme jaanta hai tera baap kaun hai.. Election 2009 came and we saw duniya bhar ke nataak in it.

Congress allies in their over confidence tried to marginalize congress. Lalu , Paswan met , hugged and declared that congress would contest only in 3 seats from bihar. Lalu also said 'congress must accept practical reality of bihar'. Now practical reality of bihar says that lalu is finished. Mere 2 seats. Paswaan said he, lalu and mulayam would decide that who would become prime minister. Now congress has to decide whether to support paswaan and make him rajya sabha member or not..

Samajwadi party did give some seats in up to congress as upkaar but now its would be sonia's upkar if she gives single berth in cabinet to mulayam.

Sharad pawar threw goggly by tieing up with naveen in orissa but jaanta threw googly by giving double seats to congress than ncp in maharastra.

Sonia called sharad pawar , lalu and mulayam today as gesture call. She invited them for meeting too.. Andar hi andar she might be saying -'jaanta hai teri maa kaun hai' to these people.


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