Saturday, May 16, 2009

Latern Bhuj Gai

Lalu prasad yadav. Sirf naam hi kaafi hai. You like him , you hate him but one thing is sure you would enjoy when he talks. He has got great sense of humor.

The man who is fulltoo entertainer , who turned railways from biggest liability to an asset is being humbled by people of bihar. Nitish ka jaadu chal gaya and lalu is wiped out.

Once lalu had made statement 'jab tak samose mein aaloo rahega , bihar mein lalu rahega'. He didn't know that in future chinese samosa would come in market which wont require aaloo and government would come in bihar which won't require laloo. Nitish came , nitish saw and nitish conqured. Lalu's years of rule made nitish's job more easier. Nitish performed and lalu was gone.

One thing which we must appreciate in lalu is he hasn't lost his sense of humor. Yesterday he said 'latern tut gaya , uske tel se bunglow mein aag lag gaayi aur teer nishaane mein laga'.

latern is his symbol , bunglow is paswan's symbol and teer is nitish's symbol.

Now courtesy nitesh , lalu doesnot have much to do , in state as well as in center. so here are things which lalu can do as alternative profession till he bounches back :

a) Become judge of laughter champion season 5 :

He is perfect for the job. He can compliment sidhu too. If sidhu is famous for his one liners , lalu too is famous for laluism. His all time famous one liner 'hum bihar ki sadak hema malini ke chehre jaisi karna chahte hain'. Needless to say he did meet his promise , only difference is he made bihar's road as chehra of 50 year old hema malini and not 20 year old hema malini.

b) Act in Bollywood :

Lalu did cameo in a movie called -' padma shri lalu prasad yadav'. Yes lalu can act. Super confident lalu would be very innovative in his dialogues too. he can invent live dialogues...

c) Enter BCCI :

Lalu is found of cricket. He even wanted ipl in india. He hinted lalit modi to take his son in ipl too. His friend sharad pawar can make him bcci chief.

d) Enter Ad World :

Well already people use his voice and get up in ad world. How about original lalu in ad. Already lalu barfi , lalu pencil , lalu pichkari stromed the market. Lalu can tie up with these manufacturer and do their ads too..

While we are writting this post sonia gandhi has already called lalu and invited for meeting. So its not all over yet for lalu. there would be election in bihar soon and lalu can bounce back.

All the best to dear old lalu yadav.

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Anonymous,  May 17, 2009 at 4:04 AM  

wow it's really good.

Bihar has gone 50 years back because of his 15 ruling. now ball is in lalu's court, let's see what he will do?

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