Friday, May 15, 2009

Where Riya Sen's top falls every second day

Well every second day one would find topic in book marking site : shocking riya sen's top falling video or shocking abc without b*a or shocking : actress taking bath or shocking : actress kissing in public... This is norm every day , every hour. Well Welcome to semi nude/nude/erotic bollywood blogs...

The following are golden rules of bollywood blogs :

1) Every Photo is unseen , so what if you have seen that photo 500 times

2) Every photo is shocking , so what if celebrities are standing along with each other in mannered posture

3) Every photo of veteran celebrity is rare

4) Every second day some or other actress is without inners

5) Every actress is hot and inviting.

Well its not fault of bloggers though ...Itne saare blogs hain , so they have to do marketing gimmicks to attract visitors . Jo dikhta hai woh bigta hai aur jo bigta hai wohi dikhaya jata hai...sab ganda hai par dhanda hai aur is sab mein bichara blogger kya karega..

So get ready to be shocked every second day...


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