Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank God We Didnt Have USA Relation Since 60 Years

Pakistan foreign minister was asked about growing relationship between India And USA . To this qureshi replied and rightly so that pakistan need not worry about that. "Pakistan has relationship with usa since 60 years and those are strong relationship" .

It prompted me to think that its good that India didn't have relationship with USA since 60 years. Because 60 years ago we were nothing. We had no bargaining capacity. Nehru initiated Non Alliance Movement and formed a force who were neither allied with usa and ussr.

Now we have good relationship with usa. Now we do have a level of bargaining capacity and so we can work as partners of usa but sixty years back we would have had to work as colony much like what happened to paksitan in 1979. Pakistan fought as colony of usa in usa's war with ussr.

This ruin the liberal line of thought in pakistan and gave birth to pakistan which is terror hub with all kinds of terror lords operating in pakistan.

Today dhrone attacks repetatively and still Pakistan cannot do anything about it. Same would have happened to India. Yes Pakistan's relationship with USA helped it in 1965 war but still couldnot protect itself in 1971 where India defied USA's warning and went ahead with its plan.

I think what India did was right way to do things. Form relationship when there is capacity to do so. Thank God We Didnt Have USA Relation Since 60 Years.


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