Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zardari V/s Jaswant Singh

Well jaswant singh wrote a book. Book on Jinnah. Without reading the book most people have judged this book and certified to be a praising saga of jinnah by jaswant singh.

Jaswant Singh's Interview given to karan thapar did create what can be said as scenario for BJP Sacking Jaswant Singh. Although Jaswant Singh was creating frequent embarrasment to BJP
by asking right questions to them and book proved a convinent reason to sack him.

In this book jaswant singh has written that centralized policy of nehru trigger the situation which led to partition.

He in interview said that jinnah alone cannot be held responsible for partition and nehru's policy were equivalently responsible for that.

Jaswant singh has also mentioned that theory of jinnah has failed since religion cannot be based of a nation has been proven by basis of establishment of bangladesh.

Now jaswant singh in his interview said that pakistan and bangladesh wont like this.

What happened was totally opposite. Jaswant singh became hero in pakistan and his own party sacked him , congress critized him.

It is understandable. Jinnah is considered primarily a villan in India and gandhiji is not put in right light in Pakistan .

In India Jinnah is perceived as power hungry man who split India and Pakistan always needs to justify jinnah's step and so its easy to see gandhiji entirely differently than world sees.

Jaswant Singh's book on jinnah has made him immensly popular among pakistanis. Considering the popularity that jaswant singh is getting we think he should stand for elections in Pakistan. He may give tough competition to zardari. Atleast till Pakistanis read the book!!!!!!!!!!

On more serious notes what has happened in history and no one can change that now. Pakistan is reality. We may accuse jinnah for it or we may accuse some one else for it.

Best we can do is have greater understanding about jinnah , gandhiji , nehru , sardar patel and all those soul who at one point of time togetherly fought for common goal and that is independence of India.

We in India and People in Pakistan needs to have more mature view on this. Somethings cause pain when revisited but its worth it.


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