Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OMG: Hindi-Chini Firse Bhai Bhai

India and China are not just neighbors, but are also brothers, China's new Consul General in the city Wang Donghna said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Maharashtra Governor S C Jamir, whom he called on at the Raj Bhawan, Wang said that both India and China are emerging global superpowers.

"Therefore, peace and development in the region would benefit them both as well as the whole world," he observed.

Wang pointed out that both countries have a lot more common interests than differences, and urged that all existing disputes between them, including the border issue, be resolved through peaceful negotiations.

Before 1962 hindi-chini were bhai bhai as per nehru and like many brothers we have property dispute and this dispute led brother china to attack ill prepared brother India. We lost , face humilation.

This prompted our small brother to attack us in 1965 but we did held our nerves then.
This bhai bhai business needs bye bye for ever. Nations work on self interest . Thats the norm , thats only thing which governs policy of nations.

Peaceful relationship with china is must to progress but no bhai bhai thing is needed. We are not making families but forming relationships which are in advantage of us without causing problems to other.

I hope India doesnot , once again buys this bhai-bhai slogan.


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