Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank God Gary In Not HR Minister Of India

Gary Kirsten gave most unique advise ever given by a coach to Indian Cricket Team. The advice was to do sex to play well.

The coach has found that increased testosterone levels help in strength energy and aggression during a game. This in turn helps in increased competitive spirit.

The coach has also suggested that the players could do it alone if they don’t find a suitable partner.

All this has been given to the players as part of a manual which also includes some vital inputs on taking healthy food!

Now we wonder what would have happened if gary would have been HR minister of India. If he would have suggested same funda to increase energy and aggression of normal Indians to enhance their performance in their careers , India would have gone pass china in 5 years!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God he is not HR minister , otherwise already over populated India would have crossed 2 billion mark!!!!!!!!

Our dear health minister has come up with unique idea of curbing population growth , that is providing t.v. ghar , ghar so that people get better recreation activity than present one which made India second most populous country in the world.

We just hope that whatever his mantra is , team India remains motivated with idea of playing for India itself and plays aggresive cricket.


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