Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catch Your Cheating Partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I opened my email today , I found mail with subject "Is Your Partner Cheating On You?". Well being unmarried and not having any affair , that mail was of no use to me but curiosity took over me and i click on the mail and then on the site.

It had few messages which could have provoked any one to atleast suspect a bit. It also has set questionnaire. The claim is that if score is 7/10 then your partner is guaranteed cheating you!!!!!!!

This led me to google and I found out number of people providing various service to find out whether your partner is cheating you or not.

From detective services , to online spywares to subconsious things. They have it all!!!!!!!!!!

Well relationships are all about faith and love. Relationships once enter in sphere of suspicion can be really bitter. Instead of trying to catch your partner cheating , its better to concentrate on making one's relationship more solid by love , affection , empathy and creating atmosphere of proper communication.


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