Friday, November 20, 2009

Patni Pidit Kills Wife

A husband in Australia killed his own wife. A faithful husband ended his 20 year old marriage in sad way . The way which saw his wife dead and himself behind the bars. Charge- Murder.

He tried everything to maintain peace in his house. He submitted himself to her. He underwent all the pressures , insults , humiliations because he didn't wanted to break away.

He was asked to change his surname by his wife , he did that.

He wasn't allowed to sleep in double bed , he compiled.

He wasn't allowed to keep his friends and meet his family by his wife , he still compiled.

He was only earning member and his wife was house wife , but his wife controlled his finances and used to give him only few money.

Worst of all his wife used to think he was too smelly to use bathroom , so he restrained himself till he until he arrived at work.

After twenty years , he killed her.

Sad story. It could have been otherwise too. There are lot of husbands who mis treat their wives and as in this case , there are lot of wives who mistreat their husbands too. Marriage is relationship of two equals who get together as a team to make their lives better. Marriage is not a job or ownership venture of a single individual.

As this man undergoes trial , his story does give some message.


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