Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Khayani's Adventours Neighbours!!!!!!!!!!

Addressing a passing out parade of 67th course of engineering and 123rd course of GDP in PAF Academy , army chief of Pakistan , Mr Khayani said Pakistan is facing extra ordinary internal and external challenges and threatened by adventurous neighbor.

Now lets look at khayani's neighbours . Pervez doesnot live in pakistan these days and so he is out of question. He was definately adventurous enough to go for disastorous campaign called kargil.He still maintains it to be successful but all whos who in world of politics , defence inside and outside pakistan consider it to be bigger disaster than that of 1971 for pakistan.

Coming to ISI chief has to be adventurous by nature since he is chief of most adventurous agency. It is their adventure in afghan which is costing so many lives in pakistan these days. They nurtured this taliban and now are fighting them!!!!!!

Talking geographically , Iran wont be adventurous to attack pakistan and afghanistan is in kharab haalat. USA (in afghan) wont think of attacking pakistan unless pakistan itself commits blunder of supporting afghan taliban wholeheartely.

Now coming to country which khayani actually meant. That is India. Now Khayani would be aware of history of 1971. India which freed and assisted in creation of bangladesh , but India never acquired it. So India is not interested in all the lies which have been time and again floated by pakistan's power hungry groups. This lie , this fear keeps them on power.

Yes if pakistan keeps on sending terrorits , keeps on supporting saeeds , azhar mehsuds , dawoods and something happens , then it is mis adventure of Pakistan and not India's adventure. Isn't it?


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