Monday, November 9, 2009

Khabardaar ,Naxals Terrorist Nahi hai.

Maoists blew up a school building at Banbirua in Jharkhand's Latehar district, a senior police officer said on Tuesday.

A group of armed Maoists stuffed dynamites and triggered the blast late on Monday night in the school at Banbirua, Superintendent of Police Kuldip Diwedi said.

Now this is not first school maoist have blown and this is not the last , if government doesnot go all out against maoist. Why they blow schools , that too mostly government schools which provides free education to poors?..Maoist ki maya maoist hi jaane..vaise to they claim that they are fighting for poor and their way of fighting for poor is killing those poors , blowing off schools , railway tracks.

Lekin khabardaar ..Naxalites ko terrorist mat kahena. They are not terrorists , according to naxal sympathizers . They are like robinhoods , they are like saviours of poors who are fighting against rich sponsored governments.


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