Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fastest Crorepati Of India

Fastest crorepati of India. No it is not tatas or batas , neither it is ambanis or adani. No he doesnot play cricket nor is owner of IPL team. He is not badshah of bollywood nor he is sabse tej media baron , he is our dear koda.

Infact he is not fastest crorepati but many time crorepati!!!!!!!!!. Media report citing prelimary inquiry are valuing his scam of worth between 2000-4000 crores!!!!!!!!!!!

Before he became chief minister , koda used to invest in real estate but after he became c.m. , his appetitie got larger and he started investing in mines!!!!!!!!

More than 15 companies , flats in posh area of delhi , mines in foregin countries , you name it , he owned it. But he owned all this from public money!!!!!!!!!!

Politics is most lucractive business , as every Indian knows. Our half of parliament people are official crorepatis . Some have hard earned money too but many have money earned from tax payer's hard earn money.

The fastest crorepati of India is now under scrutiny from various departments.


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