Friday, November 20, 2009

No Toilet , No Wife

"No Toilet , No Wife". No this is not name of new david dhawan film but it is campaign of haryana government . This campaign has been very successful in encouraging people specially villagers to make toilets in their own house.

Now if you live in one of metros or mega city , you might wonder what is this all about and do we still need such campaigns. Well here is shocker for all of us as Indians :

The UN estimates that 600 million people or 55 percent of Indians still defecate outside, more than 60 years after the scrupulously clean independence leader Mahatma Gandhi first talked of the responsible disposal of human waste.

55% people is huge numbers and such a huge number of people are without toilets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming to India's financial capital , Mumbai , n March, Mumbai's municipal authorities said there were 77,526 toilets in slum areas and 64,157 more were needed. Work is in progress on only 6,050.

UN's Mumbai Human Development Report 2009, published earlier this month, points out that even where public toilets exist, most have no running water, drainage or electricity, making them unhygienic and unusable.

If condition of mumbai is such we can imagine what might be situations in other cities and villages.


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