Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Similarities Between Bollywood and Netahood

Neta aur abhineta has lot of similarities , here is a look at that :

1) Bollywood is biggest film industry in the world , our Indian netahood has biggest number of parties in the world.

2) Bollywood is business of selling dreams (as leadin director puts it) , our Indian netahood is dream business where recession doesnot matter. Ask koda , if you want :-)

3) Both in bollywood and our netahood having your dad , mom , brother is faternity matters to start with

4) Neta comes to your place for votes every five years , abhineta comes to shows you watch before release of every film

5) In bollywood and indian politics , there are no permanent friend or permanent enemies.

6) Both in bollywood and Indian politics , you may abuse each other and share same forum again and again!!!!!!!

7) Both are known for their big dialogues

8) Both are dependent on people.

9) Both are in unpredicable business. Even biggest stars fail to give hit in bollywood and even shinning India can show you doors. Kal tak most successful railway minister may be today just an M.P. in politics

10) Both are in buisness of illusion. While one takes away your concerns for three hours and entertains you , the other makes promise which are never met but gives hope in midst of hopeless ness.


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