Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mera Kutta Mar Gaya - Blame It On Climate Change!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday our agricultural minister showed concerned about price rise , put onus of reducing prices on state government and blamed global warming on price rise. Because of monsoon or rather lack of it caused shortage in the market which in turn increased prices of the commodities so high that now most Indians have become aam aadmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On periphery the argument seems logical and humhaare bichaare ministers kya kar sakte hain. Right?. Well climate change is fact and its adverse effect is well known and well published. No one can deny that but did climate change forced government to export rice to ghana?. This inspite of finance ministry strongly opposing the export!!!!!!!!

Did extra heat because of climate change effect the minds of learned IAS , politicians that we exported sugar at 12 Rs to import after six months at 30 rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as claimed by opposition).

So climate change is easy blame thing these days. Sir my dog died ..ohh thats because of climate change. Sir , I am not getting married..Oh that is because of climate change. Sir...recession , well dude that too is because of climate change!!!!!!!!!

Yes climate change does effect rains , may cause less harvest but atleast dont export food when many in India sleeps without two time meals!!!!!!!


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