Monday, December 7, 2009

Shocking : 98 heroin packs in stomach !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well straight from bollywood plot a pakistani was caught from thai airport. Charge?. Well he had 98 heroin packs in his stomach!!!!!!!!

Chaudhry Ijaz Rasul, 34, was arrested as he attempted to clear customs at Suvarnabhumi Airport early Monday morning on a Thai Airways flight from Lahore in Pakistan.

‘He has swallowed 98 small packages of heroin which were wrapped in aluminium foil,’ a senior customs official reported dawn.

The authorities forced Rasul to go to the toilet to expel the drugs, which weighed 1.3 kilograms with a street value of approximately 3.9 million baht (117,750 dollars), the official said.

‘He confessed that he was asked to smuggle the drugs and that a man would come to pick them up from a hotel in Bangkok,’ he added.

Rasul was charged with possession and trafficking of class A drugs, which carries a possible death sentence in Thailand.


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