Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pakistan's New Important Issue!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pakistan has new important issue. No it is not related to landmark judgement by pakistan's court of NRO. Neither it has any thing to do with hakeemullah and his gangs with whom pakistan army is fighting with. Neither this issue has anything to do with karachi's target killings.

This is more important issue than above three and it is related to IPL. Now those who dont know about IPL (which is rare if you are in India), IPL is private league in which group of people (mostly corporates and bollywood stars) have bought frachisee from IPL . Now they have formed their own teams and t-20 matches are held in it.

Does it have anything to do with Indian Government?. Well only in form of taxes which Indian government collects. Rest it is private matter .

Now pakistan players like most of australian players were snubbed by owners. Reason being more about buisness sense and less about politics. To make things clearer , any person who has been following t-20 knows that pakistani cricketers are lethal as far as t-20 goes. They are among best in buisness and it would be proud possesion for any team owner to have pakistani players in their team. Same is for australians but but but...If owner is investing crores of rupees , he/she must be sure that services of resource on whom huge investments are made , would be available. The kind of love-hate relationship that India has with pakistan , its more likely that players would not be available. Another terror attack and entire IPL might be shifted , forget about pakistani players playing in that tournament.

But rehman malik fumed and so did many pakistani politicians. Fuming was understandable but over fuming??.. He said India must say sorry. But how can India say sorry when pakistan has never said sorry for any terror attacks till date!!!!!!!!. Pakistan claims that terror attacks are by non state actors. Well so is IPL. Its private body and not state body so what it does its none of Indian Government matter.

But rehman malik , one of beneficiary of NRO and right hand man of Mr zardari has IPL as more important thing than NRO verdict. Je baat...


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