Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kahani Jab Palti : Younis Khan Awarded!!!!!!!!!

Pakistan ki maya , pakistan hi jaane (this applies to India too). Pakistan cricket has always been good old story. Talented bunch of people who can nail any team during their day but inconsistent at ever.

Tour goes wrong and there are some people who need to be held responsible and so they are held responsible , captain is sacked , coach is blamed and indiscipline is considered the chief cause. If more seriousness is needed to the story , add match fixing angle to it.

But this time pakistan cricket had kahani mein twist!!!!!!!!!!!. It went on to banning two biggest super stars of world cricket and pakistan cricket. The ever dependable yosuf and awesome batsman younis khan.

None would have thought that these two can be banned but it did occur. It was like banning dravid and ganguly!!!!!!!!!!. Only person of that stature to be banned in India was azhar but he had serious allegation of match fixing against it.

Now pakistan cricket saw new saga added to its story. Younis khan was today given presidential performance award , 2 weeks after being banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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