Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool Pranks

1) Amitabh Bachchan Joins BJP :

Amitabh bachchan was in news last week with congress going overboard to slam big b for becoming brand ambassador of gujarat. Congress reacted as if big b has become brand ambassador of lahore (jammat's headquarters). Soon somebody told them that gujarat was part of India and congress went silent.

Never the less a regional gujarati daily published the news of big b joining bjp. The news was well descriptive one . When I read that news , I was surprised since big b wont join politics is what he has said time and again.

While turning pages of news paper , I realized that it was prank as today was 1st april.

2) Bips- John Break Ups :

Stories making round as 1st april prank is breakup between bipasha basu and john. The couple are dating each other since days of harappa civilization and a bollywood blog decided to play prank and published the news

3) Pakistan Commits full security to gas pipe line to India :

Now this is not prank from media but pakistan government itself. The country which is finding hard to provide security to nato trucks has guranteed full security to gas pipe line if India agrees.

Now even India can't gurantee security of pipe line is its passes through naxal belt than how can pakistan gurantee that. Guess it april fool banaya by pakistan to India.

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