Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vaat Chahe Lag Jaaye Salaami Toap Se Hogi

When i was in college there was a saying -'vaat chahe lag jaaye salaami toap se hogi '. although vaat is word i changed it was something else which cannot be mentioned in public forum.

Election 2009 shocked many , shattered many people's dream. But still our dear loosing political parties are not in mood of blaming themselves for disasterous results that they have got.

Yesterday Mr Amar Singh said in press conference that -'hum pehle bhi daata the , hum aaj bhi daata hai' . daata ke daat khate ho gaaye lekin akad nahi gaayi. Before election samajwadi party tried to form fourth front. Fourth front was front within the front. Lalu + Mulayam + Paswan formed this front with idea of pressurizing congress that if you want to be in race approve our conditions!!!!...

But public public hoti hai..dil aane ki baat hai jab jo lag jaaye pyaara...up ka dil thoda sa rahul pe aaya gaya aur samajwadi party got debarred from their samaj and won only 22 seats. Lekin fir bhi they claim to be daata , so what if they have won approximately 12-13% of what congress has won.

Kahani Left ki to aur bhi nirali hai. If you think that left might introspect and consider their ill programming of people since 32 years as cause of their defeat . Their withdrawing support from government for nuclear deal might be reason , then you dont know left.

Left is left and they think that to keep bjp out of power people voted for congress...

Shiv Sena to aur bhi ek kadam aage hai. They still consider MNS to be non player . So what if raj in chakkar of getting raj came second in many seats after congress/ncp candidate.

So as saying goes -'vaat chahe lag jaaye , salaami toap se hogi'...


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